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Review Body on Higher Remuneration in the Public Sector

The Review Body

The Review Body on Higher Remuneration in the Public Sector is a standing body whose primary function is to advise the Government on the general levels of remuneration appropriate to certain top public service posts.

General Review

The Government has asked the Review Body to carry out the next general review of the levels of remuneration of the top public service posts covered by its terms of reference and to report thereon in the second half of 2007, to coincide with the report of the Public Service Benchmarking Body which will be reporting on the remuneration of the rest of the public service. The Review Body is to liaise closely with the Benchmarking Body.

Interim Review

The Government also asked the Review Body in 2005 to examine whether the remuneration of the groups covered by its terms of reference had fallen out of line with the remuneration of comparable jobs in other employments since the Review Body last reported on a general review
(Review Body Report No 38) and, if satisfied that serious anomalies or inequities exist, to recommend an interim increase to rectify them and to report thereon before the end of June 2005. The Review Body reported on the interim review in Report No. 40 dated 27 June 2005. View Interim Report

Report No. 43

Report No. 43 applies to a very small number of people. Fewer than 60 posts, comprising positions in the Labour Court, the Labour Relations Commission, the universities and State Solicitors, are covered by this examination. This report is a continuation of Report No. 42, September, 2008 on the seventh general review of the various groups covered by our terms of reference.

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